Starting today, you can use Career Minder to prepare for important career related events using Reviews. Now, when you have an upcoming recurring review with your manager or a job interview you can be ready with an up-to-date overview of your most relevant work experience. Reviews also show you how you’ve felt about your work and how that work relates to the goals you’ve set.

You can use Reviews to manage your regular reviews at work. You can see all the work experience you’ve logged in the current month, quarter, or year. If there are regular review questions, a job description for a promotion you’re shooting for, or even emails from your manager, you can use those to let AI sort your work experience by relevance so you know what to focus on.

Reviews are also great for job interview preparation. You can quickly review which work experience is most relevant to a job description. Your sentiments trend also helps remind you when you enjoying your career the most to have something to compare a new opportunity against.

Reviews can help provide an opportunity for reflecting on whether or not your career path truly aligns with your goals. With Reviews, you can see how much of your work experience is actually related to your overall goals on a regular basis. This check-in is a great opportunity to reinforce that you’re on the right path, or help you realize you need to make a change.

Start approaching events in your career more prepared with Reviews by signing up for Career Minder today.

Noah Read

Noah Read

Co-Founder, Design, & Front-end

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